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Muse - WON'T STAND DOWN (Official Video)

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022

    Our new single, out now. Listen/download here mu-se.co/wsd-out-now


    I never believed that I would concede and let someone trample on me
    You strung me along, I thought I was strong, but you were just gaslighting me
    I’ve opened my eyes, & counted the lies, & now it is clearer to me
    You are just a user, and an abuser, living vicariously

    I never believed that I would concede and get myself blown asunder
    You strung me along, I thought I was strong, but now you have pushed me under
    I’ve opened my eyes, and counted the lies, now it is clearer to me
    You are just a user, and an abuser, and I refuse to take it

    Won’t stand down
    I’m growing stronger
    Won’t stand down
    I’m owned no longer
    Won’t stand down
    You’ve used me for too long, now die alone

    Now I’m coming back, a counterattack, I’m playing you at your own game
    I’m cutting you out, a shadow of doubt
    Is gonna hang over your name
    I’ve opened my eyes, I see your disguise,
    I will never see you the same
    I know how to win, before you begin
    I’ll shoot you before you take aim

    Now I’m coming back, a counterattack,
    A psychological war
    I’m cutting you in, I’m under your skin
    Now I’m gonna settle the score
    I’ve opened my eyes, I see your disguise,
    I will never see you the same
    I know how to win, before you begin
    I’ll shoot you before you take aim

    Won’t stand down
    I’m growing stronger
    Won’t stand down
    I’m owned no longer
    Won’t stand down
    You’ve used me for too long, now die alone

    Won’t stand down
    I’m growing stronger
    Won’t stand down
    I’m owned no longer
    Won’t stand down
    You’ve used me for too long, now die alone

    Director: Jared Hogan
    Producer: Savvas Stavrou
    Production Company: MrMr Films

    Director of Photography: Joe Cook

    Editor: Paul O’Reilly
    Edit Producer: Tatyana Alexandra & Polly Kemp
    Edit Company: Trim Editing

    VFX Supervisor: Denis Reva
    Sound Designer: Christian Stropko

    Colourist: Jacob McKee
    Online: Joey Doyle
    Grade & Online Producer: Maria Webb at Forager

    SHELTER productions...
    EP: Albert Zurashvili
    Producer Dasha Deriagina
    1PA Anastasiya Kovaleva
    1AD Vadim YuzbaProduction Designer Danil Dubrovsky
    Costume designer Margarita Shekel
    Wardrobe team Iris Laricheva
    Anna Maksimova
    Andrew Bib
    HMU Dasha Taivas
    Choreographer Roman Chukmanenko
    Choreographer assistant Dasha Samoilove
    Casting Director Karina Melnichenko
    Casting Manager ​​Sergey Pulenetz
    2nd AD Misha Varopay
    Stunt Svyatoslav Barabolya
    PM Max Matveev

    Focus Puller Eugene Bubley
    Gaffer Valeriy Butkov
    BTS Ira Suldina
    Sergei Prostakov

    Kueen: Natalia Zozulia

    Erchik Vika
    Yakobchuk Masha
    Zakharchenko Daria
    Dmitrienko Eugeniy
    Gordeev Aleksandr
    Grigoryan Tigran
    Kabys Volodymir
    Kilimchuk Misha
    Kobrin Ostap
    Kozenko Alexandr
    Kravchenko Dima
    Kudin Dmitriy
    Shpak Denis
    Vagner Artur
    Veselov Amiran
    Veselyi Andrey
    Vodzianskii Anatolii
    Yatsunenko Rostislav
    Shtanko Dmitrii
    Kostetskiy Igor
    Kokritskaia Liza
    Lapko Nastia
    Volosova Veronika
    Simonov Petr
    Povoznikov Andrei
    Zagorui Iaroslava
    Sitalo Maksim
    Isaenko Polina

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  • Melodicka Bros
    Melodicka Bros 3 days ago +4549

    Man, these riffs hit hard. Love it!

    • Brady Marshall
      Brady Marshall 20 hours ago

      I LOVE this new song from Muse. "Drones" was heavy metal rock, "Simulation Theory" was electronic, but this song is hard metal rock, with a fast beat, fast drums, and violin with the guitar on the chorus.

    • needsmoreclipping
      needsmoreclipping 23 hours ago

      @cheminal10 How about learning proper grammar?

    • Ed Kemper
      Ed Kemper Day ago


    • Applemaxx Music & Media
      Applemaxx Music & Media Day ago

      ru-clip.net/video/63jJat53FB8/video.html no more knives

    • Maurice de la Rie
      Maurice de la Rie Day ago +1

      @Music is more Important than your politicians Ha I bet they would hate it! But I hate most current pop and Hip Hop, so it evens eachother out.

  • Oleg Kurchenko
    Oleg Kurchenko Day ago +39

    Круто. Куча подтекстов. Текст, крепчающий голос Мэтью, музыкальные акценты.

  • madam Impossible
    madam Impossible 14 hours ago +24

    молодцы! мне понравилось. Muse всегда классная и качественная музыка.

  • Екатерина Олейник

    Мьюз и Метью- моя бесконечная любовь!!!! Как всегда просто отрыв головы!!!

    • Tomi Pontomi
      Tomi Pontomi 13 hours ago +1

      Моя тоже )))) с синих его волос )))

  • mirrorsedgy
    mirrorsedgy Day ago +168

    Muse, you guys in times like this manage to pump out this ABSOLUTE BANGER, this is what 2022 needs, MORE MUSE YEAH!

    • nijuo joing
      nijuo joing 15 hours ago

      Мощный Сингл. Молодцы. Powerful Single. Well Done.

  • Алина Александровна

    Последнее,что я слышала,это Time is running out в далеком
    2004 году и была приятно удивлена этому!!!!❤️

  • Camershik Live
    Camershik Live Day ago +25

    Песня огонь 🔥 , особенно мощный breakdown качает 🎧

  • The Leafs Handsome Devil

    I know a music group probably doesn’t like to hear it, but I’m glad their returning (to an extent) to their original form. Doesn’t mean I want them to copy what they did before to please old fans, but I want them to keep bits of what made them great originally, and incorporate new twists to it.

    Meaning I’m hyped that they’re returning to a heavier, edgy rock sound, with progressive sound.

    Although my criticism is that I (personally) think the lyrics are a bit basic compared to the complexity of their older songs. It did feel a little repetitive and reliant on synchronizing the main chorus to the electronic sounds. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it felt predictable at certain parts, so a few times throughout my first listen I could easily see what was coming. Also I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the dubstep-esque sound in the beginning and halfway point. Those parts felt like their stuff in simulation theory. What I want is all out rock and experimental.

    But if this is any indication of a return to that MUSE sound, then I’m hoping we get a full album release eventually. Because I’m dying to know where this takes them. Singles that are good (but not amazing) can sometimes cause people to prop it up too high because they’re not being fed anything else to decide what’s best, and what they’re fully capable of.

    • P M
      P M 4 hours ago

      alternative rock/metal is back!

    • Nevrot Quintana
      Nevrot Quintana 4 hours ago


    • Carmen
      Carmen 7 hours ago +4

      You put my thoughts into words, 100/10 completely agree

  • x3m. L
    x3m. L 22 hours ago +14

    I didn't feel anything like this for a long time. What a great hit. Every single piece is on point,🚀🤘

  • Agufish
    Agufish 3 days ago +2071

    So Muse with breakdowns is what I've been missing in this life 🤘

    • Andrew Harris
      Andrew Harris 21 hour ago

      Where have Muse been? Luv the return. How I missed those guitar riffs! And my neighbours luv it 😂

    • Ed Kemper
      Ed Kemper Day ago


    • Daniel Zimmer
      Daniel Zimmer Day ago

      Heavier than Bring me the Horizon.

    • Erick Son qlf
      Erick Son qlf 2 days ago

      ru-clip.net/video/gd9bFiS5vy4/video.html ,

    • BroskiPlays!
      BroskiPlays! 2 days ago


  • Whitney VanGorder
    Whitney VanGorder 22 hours ago +32

    I am in utter shock of how bad ass this song is. What a come back, guys!!! This is THE song of 2022. Lyrical masterpiece. Something to actually get excited about this year. Can’t wait to hear more!!!!

    • Dan Le Roux
      Dan Le Roux 7 hours ago +2

      Good song, yes. Lyrical masterpiece, no.

  • Oksana Strunskaya
    Oksana Strunskaya 8 hours ago +8

    I can't even believe how I missed this type of sound: heavy, full of rage and power - I can really hear MUSE as I love them! Thank you, guys, you've still got it!

  • oMuNk Yo
    oMuNk Yo Day ago +88

    The song: pure sexiness!
    The video: pure creepiness!

    And it all fits! I'm very proud to be a Muse fan rn! \o/

  • 420
    420 Day ago +6

    Temazo!!!! Moderno y sin dejar al lado el rock característico de Muse

  • Oxana Felt
    Oxana Felt 15 hours ago +4

    Очень круто! Спасибо, что не перестаёшь радовать старых поклонников очередным хитом!

  • Random XYZ
    Random XYZ 12 hours ago +6

    I'm Muse fans since unintended song releases. Before this song released, I guessed, after the simulation theory albums release, Muse will totally change their song nature. But, after hear this song, my thoughts was false. This year, 2022, Muse is back. I miss the characteristics of muse songs like this. This song is lit 🔥🔥, It's such aggressive song and absolutely banger. this single reminds me to the album blackholes and revelation but with some BMTH synth touch. I hope Muse releases songs like this in the future. Can't wait !!! 😬😬

  • Eret Hjallsen
    Eret Hjallsen 21 hour ago +18

    The heaviness, the metal, the power. Muse is back baby!

  • Maroo
    Maroo Day ago +20

    Fits the current time perfectly! Thank you again Muse. Needed more than ever. We won't stand down!

  • Hana D'Asgard Keindlová
    Hana D'Asgard Keindlová 3 days ago +3339

    It's weird to say it, but my brain went "Oh, how I missed Matt's voice!" all of sudden. I love that there's frustration, agression, but I feel hope and courage and strenght from that all as well and that's what I love about it. The lyrics are superior again, with the music sometimes so raw, it's so pleasing yet terrifying. And the video itself? Speaks for itself... What I am trying to say is thank you MUSE, it is so great to see you again, and in full power.

  • Nicole Nosková
    Nicole Nosková Day ago +38

    This feels like nostalgia with a modern touch. Amazing!

  • Max N
    Max N Day ago +7

    Как всегда шедевр! Круто очень круто!

  • Raul Izquierdo
    Raul Izquierdo Day ago +98

    The music is amazing and the lyrics have a real meaning, specially denouncing the abuse of power and censorship by the media and social networks. Very good job Muse.

    • Miia
      Miia 8 hours ago +4

      Just perfect energy booster for battle against radicalized totalitarian globalists.

    • rainbowphoenix 6
      rainbowphoenix 6 9 hours ago

      @Roman Pasillas that's how I understood it too

    • Vanessa Vicente
      Vanessa Vicente 13 hours ago +2

      Raul Izquierdo I came here to see if someone had caught on that and if not, then I would point it out. I had a strange feeling of going back home with this song and that was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the song. Is one of them things, if you know, you know. No explanation needed. 🙌

    • Roman Pasillas
      Roman Pasillas 18 hours ago +17

      Frontman Bellamy says, “Won’t Stand Down is a song about standing your ground against bullies, whether that be on the playground, at work or anywhere. Protecting yourself from coercion and sociopathic manipulation and to face adversity with strength, confidence and aggression”

    • Kristine
      Kristine 21 hour ago +13

      This video is a great reflection of what is happening in our world now. We are being manipulated and oppressed. Don't stand down!

  • Pablo
    Pablo 23 hours ago +7

    This is... This is...


    That's what i wanted from MUSE since few years ! I can already imagine it being played live and people jumping and headbanging AF. I hope 3/4 or at least 1/2 of the album will be like this piece of art :)

  • Bradley Hall
    Bradley Hall 3 days ago +529

    Yesssss what an absolute BANGER!

    • Erick Son qlf
      Erick Son qlf 2 days ago


    • leerobbo92
      leerobbo92 3 days ago +1

      @Pedro Miguel Check Bradley's channel. Then you'll understand that the point isn't to make a masterpiece in 5 minutes...

    • Pedro Miguel
      Pedro Miguel 3 days ago

      @Derrickson Ymbon you all wrong If doing a muse is that easy.
      Cmon, are Space Dementia or Knights Of Cydonia a easy song to make?

    • Alex_Albyne
      Alex_Albyne 3 days ago

      I was hoping to see you here and I knew you'd love it, that gitar riff and the breakdown are great!

    • Dmitry Chernous
      Dmitry Chernous 3 days ago

      Hi Bradley, don't you think this one sounds too much like all modern metal and beans when the riff goes off?

      P.S. Thank you for your content!

  • Jovanna Flores
    Jovanna Flores Day ago +11

    Muse this song is superb!!! It’s speaks to one in so many levels under anybody’s skin. And I mean anybody. This is a song of empowerment, of greatness. Telling to all the crap of all reality, of this world to stand down instead. Muse you are great. 💞

  • Саша Іванов

    Крутое звучание,ну и конечно клип зачьотный.

  • Rpc00
    Rpc00 Day ago +4

    Holy shit....I know every muse record and this might be one of their best songs ever. Well done boys, really knocked it out of the park with this one!

  • BlueEdge-AIM
    BlueEdge-AIM Day ago +9

    The music, heavy breakdown, the lyrics, that tone. DAMN. It's absolutely MUSE 🤘🏻 hope there is heavier track in the album.


  • Andrew Baena
    Andrew Baena 3 days ago +632

    Muse with breakdowns? Muse with breakdowns.

    • Viper 6172
      Viper 6172 2 days ago +1

      @horNNEE I’m like 50/60% sure they’re not actual screams, they use this plugin that removes all harmonic content from a voice and essentially mimics screams, they used it in Supermassive, and Psycho so I don’t know why they would stop now

    • Erick Son qlf
      Erick Son qlf 2 days ago


    • Dennis Radaelli
      Dennis Radaelli 2 days ago

      @Vaginal Protrusion of the Cyst Filled Outer Labia correct, those are other rare examples as well. What I meant was about the other backing/occasional-lead vocal parts we are used to hear from Chris during live performances (like Hyper Music chorus, Reapers or SBH ending, Psycho pre-chorus, etc.), which are actually performed by Matt in the original studio recordings

    • Vaginal Protrusion of the Cyst Filled Outer Labia
      Vaginal Protrusion of the Cyst Filled Outer Labia 3 days ago +7

      @Dennis Radaelli the “Just to spit it in your face” parts in Hyper Music are done by Chris, and the “Into the Supermassive” in Supermassive Black Hole are done by Dom

    • Dennis Radaelli
      Dennis Radaelli 3 days ago +3

      @The Batman that is for live performances. On studio, Chris and Dom rarely did backing vocals (one example is the ending of Aftermath)

    CRITICALANDIA Day ago +52

    Buen tema.

    • That Pumpkin Plays
      That Pumpkin Plays 7 hours ago

      @don comedias Menos mal que eres don comedias y todo lo que dices es lo contrario a la verdad 😁👍

    • Monica Nogueira.
      Monica Nogueira. Day ago

      Para suicidarse

    • don comedias
      don comedias Day ago

      para la xenofobia de tu canal ya

    • Ed Kemper
      Ed Kemper Day ago


  • David Suárez
    David Suárez Day ago +6

    What hit me hardest was that I didn't expect it to get as heavy as it did when it did. It really is a slap to your face and I loved it. PLUS, I think this is one of the better looking videos they have done. Love it!!

    • jay shah
      jay shah 19 hours ago +1

      Perfectly described!

  • Александр Кусакин

    Если там всё произошло именно так, то снимаю перед вами шляпу. Он наверное действительно гений сновидений и поэзии. А может заставляет давно умершие души поэтов работать на него.

  • Francisco Melo
    Francisco Melo Day ago +5

    Muse has been my favourite band for well over a decade and this comeback is incredible. The lyrics are so meaningful, specially when you've been in a similar situation of being underwhelming controlled and then being able to fight it back and win.
    Super happy you guys came back to this heavy wave.
    Love from Portugal ❤️

  • Tarn Softwhip
    Tarn Softwhip 3 days ago +271

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    • Erick Son qlf
      Erick Son qlf 2 days ago

      ru-clip.net/video/gd9bFiS5vy4/video.html ,

    • Ardan Farles
      Ardan Farles 2 days ago

      Please make a drum cover this song 🤘

  • billy suter
    billy suter 17 hours ago +4

    As a group that created something as powerful as origin of symmetry, I always knew they had it in them to do it again, this is really really close, hope the rest of the album stands up

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli Day ago +3

    I’ve been listening to their stuff since the beginning and this song is officially my favorite Muse song ever

  • Enrique Peña
    Enrique Peña 18 hours ago +2

    Desde el primer día que escuche a Muse con Histeria y Starligth ya no salió de mi mente, y así canción tras canción aveces me han dado esa energía para salir adelante, esa vibra de la música y sus sonidos metálicos y a la vez un sonido pesado que se suavisa con la voz. No esperaba menos de Muse en resumen; orgásmica su musica.

  • Bosforus music
    Bosforus music Day ago +3

    This vibe,, that we were not able to feel in these days. I've missed this so much!!

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr 4 hours ago +1

    The music is amazing and the lyrics have a real meaning, specially denouncing the abuse of power and censorship by the media and social networks. Very good job Muse.

  • Михаил Кочубей

    Урааа!!! Наконец-то дождались! Мы скучали!
    Muse, we were waiting for you! Come in Russia, please!!

  • Hugo Amaral
    Hugo Amaral Day ago +1

    Pode crer que já tô escutando pela décima vez hahahah Muse is back

  • Greenade
    Greenade Day ago +4

    That hits hard. It gives me "Handler" and Mick Gordon vibe simultaneously

  • Adam Marshall
    Adam Marshall Day ago +2

    I feel so giddy listening to this, sends me off on a nostalgia trip i never thought I'd experience, glad to see them back at their best, already looking forward to the new album! Welcome back lads!

  • MSI2X
    MSI2X Day ago +2

    Офигенное звучание, старый добрый Muse 🔥
    Welcome to Latvia again 🤝🤟

  • Ebony Bromide
    Ebony Bromide Day ago +5

    “New” Muse is good news! Bellamy is an awesome musician and performer - live, and recorded. This song rocks, literally.

  • Adrian Springer
    Adrian Springer 12 hours ago +3

    Best Must track in years! Loving the heavy riffs. The break at 3:00 is sick!! :D

  • Gema Vadillo
    Gema Vadillo 4 days ago +1812

    Tengo el hype por las nubes 🤵🏻‍♀️
    (edit: W I G)

    • Luis Fernando Acosta
      Luis Fernando Acosta Day ago

      Me encantó tu reacción, Gema. ¡Viva Muse!

    • Javier Hernández Alba
      Javier Hernández Alba 3 days ago

      Tqm (atentamente: tu fan de Durango (México ))

    • Victoria
      Victoria 3 days ago

      Que hermoso poder encontrar tu comentario entre tantos.
      Me encanta tu trabajo y seguirte en Instagram, te mando un fuerte abrazo desde CDMX.
      Y pfff estoy volando con esta rolita también.

    • David B
      David B 3 days ago

      Esperamos tu reacción u opinión :D

    • TeCoEd
      TeCoEd 3 days ago +1

      I played this new Muse song to my son,
      Now he's my Dad.

  • Correactor
    Correactor Day ago +41

    This is the best Muse song I've heard in a long time. Really hope the rest of the album is as good.

    • Anna Koskinen
      Anna Koskinen 7 hours ago

      The best song of MUSE? IT IS so hard put all songs of MUSE in LINE from best to Bad. Nyt this Song IS one of The best. I am realy miss a spectacle of MUSE. MUSE, wellcome to Finland!

  • Mindy Walls
    Mindy Walls 18 hours ago +3

    Loving the song. The music video is visually terrifying and I'm freaked out by creepy matt. It's a darker vibe than what we're uses to, but I'm digging it nonetheless.

  • Well i found it funny smile dam it

    Skilled vocals and out of this world musicianship back on top form lads well played x

  • Hui- 👈𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е🔞

    i am so glad that muse are incorporating heaviness into their music again.

  • Chaz D
    Chaz D 3 days ago +1790

    That’s what I love about muse: they reinvent themselves while keeping their own signature in every song! Can’t want to see this on tour!!! 😍

    • Laura
      Laura 2 days ago +2

      @Emanuele Bellè I agree so much!! They feel... Gentrified to me almost. Like they have nothing new to say. I went back to listen to showbiz and even though they were young and "inexperienced" I was just re-blown away by how GOOD they were once. It's sad because they had such interesting songs and thought put into it, but their new stuff feels lazy :(

    • DisSuede
      DisSuede 2 days ago

      @Emanuele Bellè Twice the pride, double the fall.

    • Emanuele Bellè
      Emanuele Bellè 2 days ago +1

      @DisSuede i am no big expert but I am musically trained, I think I can do it much better than 90% of the people in this comment section.

    • DisSuede
      DisSuede 2 days ago

      @Emanuele Bellè In my opinion their music is about as flat as your ability to analyze music. 😂👏

    • Haji
      Haji 2 days ago +2


  • Owen C
    Owen C Day ago +16

    Best song from a rock band I've heard so far in the new year! Matt's vocals on point as always those heavy riffs. Insane \m/ If they put out a whole album with this type of sound I'm down 100%

  • Sara Slovinic
    Sara Slovinic 12 hours ago +1

    I missed quality sound and their energy a lot. And this video is pure art and real image of world we live in. Matt it's good hearing your voice that always leaves me speechless, please keep it that way!!!

  • Caro Luciano
    Caro Luciano 6 hours ago +1

    Now THIS is what I call a come back!! 🔥🔥🔥 the Muse we all love and missed for so long! Definitely a banger!

  • ariyo hidayat
    ariyo hidayat Day ago +17

    Я честно скучала по Muse, аж тепло на сердце стало

  • Name in Progress
    Name in Progress 3 days ago +273

    producers: "so which genre do you want this song to be?"
    MUSE: "yes"

    • Trish Bhatia
      Trish Bhatia Day ago +1

      It isn't that hard to classify

    • luv u
      luv u 2 days ago

      They write their own music, right?

    • Karla Sophia
      Karla Sophia 2 days ago +3

      And that’s what separates them from literally any other band. Gotta love them for it

      REV. JEREMIAH KAZUNGU 2 days ago


    • Karim Osorio
      Karim Osorio 2 days ago +1

      I can tell some EPIC metal bases. OwO of course in muse style

  • dblucy
    dblucy 16 hours ago +4

    Holy fucking shit i did not expect such a heavy song from Muse. FUCKING LIT !

  • Lucas Fernandes de la Fuente

    Yep, they did it again. How can they always manage to sound fresh and new after so many years and albums?

  • James Clerk
    James Clerk Day ago +45

    Been a Muse fan since Origin

    They havent been this hard in a while.

    I love how this band has YET to disappoint.


    • Jack Tilley
      Jack Tilley 4 hours ago

      I dunno... ive been the same but i'd say the last 3 albums all dissapointed.

  • Gio Jazz
    Gio Jazz Day ago

    Letra justa, momento justo!!! Gracias Muse!!!! Los amoooo! ❤️:')

  • H of The Stage
    H of The Stage 3 days ago +196

    Spread the good Muse!

    • Erick Son qlf
      Erick Son qlf 2 days ago


  • Vanessa Vicente
    Vanessa Vicente 13 hours ago

    This is one of those songs that is not even finished playing and I know I love it. It took me right back home. I hear the message! No more explanation needed. I hear you Matt! 🙌

  • Saturn Daze
    Saturn Daze 8 hours ago +1

    It’s so good to hear something so raw from them again. This video is absolutely epic and haunting.

  • Ernest Schraven
    Ernest Schraven Day ago +2

    Great song looking forward to the album, just can't wait to see them live again

  • Mines Throne
    Mines Throne 8 hours ago

    Thank you guys. You can't imagine how much I feel this song MINE. You never fail to pierce me and give me strength ❤‍🔥

  • Sinyster Gates
    Sinyster Gates 9 hours ago +1

    oh man! a new oldschool MUSE song, this must sound incredible live

  • Paul Kowalski
    Paul Kowalski Day ago +1

    Conspiracey theorists are going to have a field day with this.....and,yes..I've seen Muse live 3 times...awesome!

  • Zegabrielmathi
    Zegabrielmathi Day ago

    Música o melhor rock 🎸 👏👏❤

  • Max Sixblade
    Max Sixblade Day ago +2

    Brand new sound of an old good Muse. 'Plug in baby' and 'citizen erazed' combined and even more aggressive.

  • Alva Goëtia
    Alva Goëtia 3 days ago +349

    Esto es MUSE, majestuoso, simplemente sublime. Qué honor ser su fan, qué orgullo.

    • Erick Son qlf
      Erick Son qlf 2 days ago


    • Asuka z
      Asuka z 2 days ago +4

      @Christian Cárdenas y así será siempre

    • Christian Cárdenas
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    • Erick Son qlf
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    • Clem Chaos
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    • Clem Chaos
      Clem Chaos 3 days ago

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    • Clem Chaos
      Clem Chaos 3 days ago

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    • _notofthisearth
      _notofthisearth 3 days ago

      @James Kessler also what the hell does any of that mean? If you ask me, the “conspiracy theorist alt right faux news” has been more often than not SPOT ON.

    • _notofthisearth
      _notofthisearth 3 days ago

      @James Kessler they don’t support mandating a medical procedure. You’re on crack if you think they do.

    • James Kessler
      James Kessler 3 days ago +2

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    • Sam W.
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    • Euan Harrison
      Euan Harrison Day ago +10

      Shit it's been 2 decades! I'm old as dick 😬